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Spring Collection, Chocolatier's Forty-five

Spring Collection, Chocolatier's Forty-five

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Our Spring Collection of premium chocolates are inspired by the flavors and moments of the season.
3 Raspberry Lemonade
3 Banana Cream
3 Coconut
3 Hazelnut Crunch
3 Honeyed Passionfruit
3 Black Current
3 Mango Chili
3 Strawberry Blush
3 Margarita
3 Thai Spice
3 Perfect Peach
3 Blackberry Ganache
3 Sweet Plum
3 Hibiscus
3 Mojito Mint

Included as part of our Spring Collection: Click Here To Learn About Each Flavor 

Each box of chocolates is packaged in a hard sided, 2 piece candy box with a tray to hold the chocolates and a paper cushion directly placed on top of the chocolate, wrapped in tissue with a satin ribbon bow on the top of the box.

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